Yearly Report 2019-20

Yearly Report
Year-to-year company report 2019-20

15th August is a fortunate day at ISC, as an indian sports startup, it is patriotically invigorating to be founded on the independence day of the country. We are 2 years old now, and there have been massive upgrades and advancements (image). With a mission to interpolate skateboarding in Indian economy, our aim is to become the pioneer of skateboarding in India and address the pursuit of skaters with goods and services 🛹

Anubhav vijayvargiya skateboarding india How to start skateboarding?
Skateboarding seminar at Bhavans Prominent International School, Indore (Aug 2019)

Year-to-year, we have been able to achieve a lot many things in the realm of skateboarding and spread the sport for good. We have conducted skateboarding camps all over India, we are well known for organizing skate clinics and train skaters, followed by selection trials. The selected skaters then represent their respective states in the national roller games of India. This increases the skill sets of athletes, induce competitiveness and instigate tussle for glory among the skaters.

After the addition of Skateboarding in Olympic Games, Roller Skating Federation of India became the governing body to promulgate skateboarding and use their network of city>State>national subsidiaries in order to authorize selection processes with fair judging and appropriate rules and regulations set by WORLD SKATE.

RSFI National Roller Games 2019, Left to right - Dilasha (Bronze), Viney (Silver), Kalpana (Gold), Asha (Gold), Arun (Bronze)

Roller Skating Federation of India is the governing body for skateboarding in India.

Anubhav Vijayvargiya
Skateboarding camp, Sacred Hearts School, Maharashtra, Place - JANWAAR CASTLE Skatepark Panna, MP (Sep 2020)

In 2019-20 we were given the responsibility to reverberate the lost glory of JANWAAR CASTLE skatepark non-profit organization. We organized camps and skate clinics at the slatepark, also monitored Samsung Newsroom visit. The selection trials for Madhya PRadesh Skateboarding team was also organized in Janwaar Castle Skatepark. 15 skaters were selected and represented MP in the Indian Roller Games (Dec 2019) held in Vizag. Anubhav VIjayvargiya did selection process (November 2019) and was helmed as the skateboarding coach for MP team, the team won 5 medals (Picture 5).

Anubhav vijayvargiya skateboarding judge at Kerala Roller Skating Association
Kerala roller Skating Association, selection trials (Oct 2019) for National Roller Games in Vizag (Dec). Anubhav Vijayvargiya appointed by RSFI was the championship official and chief Judge for the competition.

Atal Skateboarding Academy visited Gwalior Sickness Centre Skatepark in JAnuary 2020.

Our mission is to make skateboarding accessible to every athlete/skater who wishes to pursue skateboarding professionally or as a hobby. Tune in to our instagram handle get the latest updates about the academy and our ventures.

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