Indian Skate Culture ★ Origin Story

Indian Skate Culture 
Founded 15 August 2017

Goods and services in the realm of skateboarding!

Skateboarding is unlike any other sport, it is highly individualistic, just like meditation and the most intensive psychophysical activity!

Oct 2018, We started the first Modular skateboarding academy of India as Atal Skateboarding Academy, Indore, Madhya Pradesh (with 3 skateboards and a ramp) two batches daily – Beginners and Advanced.

Atal Skateboarding Academy

Daily two batches – Morning (Beginners) and Evening (Advanced) 2 and 3 hours respectively.

anubhav vijayvargiya skateboarding seminar

In the year 2019 we organized the selection trials for 8 states under the umbrage of Roller Skating Federation of India, the top performers then selected to represent their states in the RSFI Nationals. We also developed LIVE scoring for comps and successfully tested its workability at the Delhi State championship in 2020. We have been working with Janwaar Castle Community Organization since 2017 and organizing yearly recurring championships since then.

Skateboarding workshop anubhav vijayvargiya

Watch the below video to know more about Anubhav sir 😛

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