Skateboarders are supreme athletes

Muscles used in skateboarding

Skateboarding requires everything, strength, explosivity, creativity, agility and impeccable timing for landing tricks. Skateboarding is a new addition and the most injury prone sport in the Olympic medal events. The lower body strength is of utmost importance. Calf muscles, hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps are the foundation of athletes. Skateboarders are lean supreme engines.

Skateboarding is one of the to 10 global sports and a popular recreational activity among teenagers and children. Although it is a fun and exciting sport but it demands brute core strength and fearlessness to become a professional skteboarder. A body of a skateboarder has been proven to be matched with the best endurance athletes and is susceptible to high intensity contact.

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Research shows that body composition (fat %, bone %, lean tissue, fat mass) of skateboarders lesser than decathletes and close to the rowing athletes. This puts skateboarders alongside world’s best endurance athletes. Skateboarders are lean and muscular so that they can jump higher and perform technical tricks. Professional skateboarders have gone through gruesome injuries which ended careers but reward requires risk.

A lot of unwarranted physics and some injuries here and there, skateboarding is every bit of fun if you have that willingness to learn new tricks. A study shows that the loaded speed squat done by a skateboarder produced 906 watts of energy. Which is higher than badminton players and a little lesser than weightlifters. Skateboarders are truely supreme athletes and they bring a massive human strength to the Olympic party.

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